One of the organizations that is near and dear to my heart is The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization, a Canadian-based charity with a mission to create healthy communities by educating Canadians on how to prevent and address health issues. The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization, or TREWO for short, is led by Dr. Sudi Devanesen and Ravi Juneja.

Along with these leaders, the TREWO Advisory Board is made up of leading medical practitioners, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and academia. In the past, I have had the unique pleasure of raising over $100,000 in funds for TREWO through a black-tie charity auction. The funds were donated to Torontonians who were in need of affordable housing.

The auction was a success and I am looking forward to future opportunities where I can lend a helping hand. I am especially proud of TREWO’s work, which continues to create healthy communities through sharing knowledge online, through talks, seminars and workshops. TREWO also supports many local and international organizations working in the field of healthcare by hosting fundraisers throughout the year.

The organization recently began a campaign to help support frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and has already donated $5,000 to Trillium Health Partners in response to their appeal for personal protective equipment. PPE is always needed to keep our healthcare heroes safe, as they tend to the care of COVID-19 patients.

TREWO also offers various seminars throughout the year. Although the health pandemic has shifted many of these seminars online, there are still plenty of opportunities to join and learn about important topics. For instance, TREWO’s Women’s Day Celebration was held virtually this year and featured two inspiring speakers and topics: Financial Confidence in the New Normal and Fostering Hope Through the Power of Resilience. You can always follow The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization on social media to keep apprised of future events. Even young people can join as TREWO often holds youth conferences and workshops geared towards them.

If you are interested in helping out, you can visit for information on how to donate to the PPE campaign or another cause that is important to you. I know that becoming a part of this organization has offered me so many rewards. I’ve met new and inspiring people and have been able to use my skills while learning new ones in the process.

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization offers many opportunities for volunteering – both short and long-term positions. If you choose to join the team, I can assure you, you can and you will make a difference in your community.